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Welcome to my kitchen! If you love to bake bread or want to learn more about it, I hope you find something interesting or useful here, or have something to share with me.

What is Wild Yeast? One meaning is the yeast that makes sourdough, which I bake with often, but not exclusively. To me, though, baking with all kinds of of yeast, sourdough or not, is ?wild:? outrageous, amazing, magical. Read more about why I bake.

I have been baking bread since I treated myself to a short artisan bread class on my birthday in 2006. (Why yes, that was my 29th birthday! Maybe.) Since then I have been learning about baking from lots of sources: from classes at the wonderful San Francisco Baking Institute; from reading everything I can get my hands on, in print and online; from other home bakers at online communities such as The Fresh Loaf; and from my own trial and error.

I graduated from the professional bread and pastry program at SFBI in 2010.

When I?m not baking, I can be found working as a nurse practitioner in a community clinic, doing crossword puzzles, reading novels, and walking medium distances.

I live and bake in northern California.

Thank you for visiting Wild Yeast!



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